Sarai Rivera and Steve SargentWe want to know what is important to you, the residents of District 4.

Sarai is meeting with members of the community in homes, small businesses, and at community events. If you’re interested in sharing your ideas, please contact us!

You can check back soon to read what we’re hearing from our friends and neighbors as we talk to people all over the District.




Our community has the wisdom and talent to make our neighborhoods great. For years I have worked as part of various community initiatives. I value your voice and will bring that voice to the decision making table at City Hall. I am committed to working with all parts of District 4 when elected to City Council.


I will work to support the local economy; adding jobs, employment for youth, supporting small businesses. As District 4 Councilor I will work so that you are provided the same resources others receive to start, support and grow your business, and achieve your goals. I believe new local jobs should hire residents from within our neighborhoods.


I am committed to building our community in ways that make living and raising our families here easier. I will continue to actively work for; strong schools,    safe and healthy neighborhoods, removing barriers to achievement and success, community pride, civic engagement and involvement.

Download the Palm Card in Spanish (PDF document)
Download the Palm Card in Vietnamese