Since the age of four Worcester has been my home. It is the only home I have ever known. I love this city, believe in this city and I am committed to this city. I am excited to be part of a vibrant community such as District 4, with neighborhoods full of great resources, businesses, schools, organizations, and people. I want to build on those strengths. Do we have work to do ‐ Yes! Are there improvements to be made ‐ Yes! Are there needs ‐ Yes! But is there good in our community ‐ Yes!

I believe in looking into our communities and looking through the lens of potential and possibilities and not just plight and problems. Being raised in District 4 has given me roots in this community ‐‐ roots that are in my heart, continually building my passion. I believe in this community, choosing to; live in this district, raise my children in this district and work in this district.

Together we can make an already good community great.

For years I have been a community voice, investing in our families, our communities and our neighborhoods. It is for this reason that I have decided to run for District 4 City Council.